SSL File Crypt

Graphical File Encryption Tool

Copyright 2013 Pete Nesbitt

Download: SSL File Crypt tar file (or visit the Code Directory)

SSL File Crypt is a File Encryption Tool with a GTK Graphical front-end.

A simple to use GTK interface to encrypt and decrypt local files or directories.

It consists of a single shell script and a few icons and images.

Everything sits in one directory "ssl_file_crypt" (whereever you unpack the tar file).

Each file or directory encrypted uses it's own password which you supply.
  -so you can use a different password for each file or maybe one for several related files. It's up to you
   ...just don't lose the password!

It's my first GUI tool and is easy to use.

You will need GtkDialog to provide the GUI interface.
GtkDialog is available many places including

Screen shot to come...

SSL File Crypt is licensed under the GPL and is freely availble. See the GNU web site for details.

Feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of this tool.