Generates XML-Sitemap Files

Copyright 2011 Pete Nesbitt

View: SiteMapper script (or visit the Code Directory)

SiteMapper is a tool to generate an XML-Sitemap as used by Google, Yahoo, and make indexing your web site more efficient.

-using a sitemap makes it fast, easy and accurate for search engines when they are index your web site.

-a single cgi shell script you can use from your browser

-honours robots.txt, plus file and directory exclusion lists

-auto detects your DocumentRoot (in most cases)

-all settings are easily adjusted from the web interface

-written to the lowest common denominator (like GET instead of POST), it should work at most Linux based hosting services

Download Note:
The script has been renamed to so you can view it online (remove '.txt' before using)

-After download rename it to, copy to your cgi-bin and make it executable (chmod 755

-Then go to http://<your-domain-name>/cgi-bin/

-You can set the domain variable in the script to save entering it each run. Everything else should be fine as is

SiteMapper is licensed under the GPL and is freely availble. See the GNU web site for details.

Feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of this tool.