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Create and Manage FLAC Audio Files

Copyright 2004 Pete Nesbitt

Download: Flac-Jacket gzipped tar file (or visit the Code Directory)

Flac-Jacket is a set of BASH scripts and supporting files which will simplify the process of creating FLAC audio files from raw data files, and will create a hyperlinked index of the resulting files.

These scripts were originally created for my personal use. I had about 200 albums I wanted to be able to access through my computer. It is intended to provide a simple solution to ease listening and management of sound files, such as albums, that you own (or otherwise have permission to use).

What it Does:
The program uses raw audio files (raw files are created from data streams) as the source. Based on the filename format, it will first create lossless audio files, using FLAC, and then optionally remove the source files if conversion was successful. Next a new html page is created with links to all the .flac files, both new and existing. The html page is regenerated each run, so the listing is somewhat dynamic as you don't need to edit the html page just because you removed or remaned a FLAC audio file or altered an artist directory.

View a Sample Music Index page. [Opens in a New Window]
     Note: Side-Number links would normaly trigger music, but are not functional on this example page.

There are some sample raw audio files to use for testing.

Flac-Jacket is licensed under the GPL and is freely availble. See the file COPYING (included with the Flac-Jacket package) or the GNU web site for details.

You will need FLAC, which is available at sourceforge,it is included in many distributions, such as Fedora Core.

flac2mp3 is another set of scripts to convert flac to mp3 format and generate a playlist. It is a nice compliment to Flac-Jacket since they share code and it expects the same style input structure as Flac-Jacket's output structure.

Feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of this tool.