DNS Manager

IP Management System

Copyright 2006 Pete Nesbitt

Download: DNS Manager gzipped tar file (or visit the Code Directory)

DNS_Manageris an IP Management System which creates a MySQL database based on data collected from BIND servers. It allows you to querry and update records. It is a young abandoned project but it does work well and has some very interesting code. Be aware it has only been run in a tiny test environment. It has not been optimized for code efficiency or for protection from over-flows etc. DNS_Manager started as an afternoon script project to pull information from DNS servers. Soon it was apparent another script was needed to deal with MySQL, then another to access and manage the information, and another...

Use it initially to extract DNS information from a BIND server, then create and populate a new database on a MySQL server.

Once the database is set up, DNS_Manager is used to search zone information as well as change existing records (adds/removes and reverse support to come).

New zone files are stored as temp files. The new zone files can be auto generated by the script if run on the BIND server, or it can output a ready to run stand alone script to copy to and run on the BIND server. BIND is manually updated by replacing the existing zone db file with the newly created one.

Feel free to contact me regarding any aspect of this tool.