Floppy Disks

Format, Emergency & Rescue Disks plus DVD's

Format a Floppy Disk

Actually, you want to format the disk, then add a file system.
  1. Format the disk with fdformat.
  2. Use mkfs to add a filesystem so you can write to the disk.
  3. Now you can mount the floppy drive and access the disk.

Create an Emergency Boot Disk

Creating a Rescue Disk

  1. locate the rescue.img disk image off the install CD-ROM. You may want to copy it to your hard drive, but this is optional.
  2. cd to the directory with the image
  3. dd if=rescue.img of=dev/fd0 bs=72k (you may not need to set the block size)
  4. to test (or use) boot with the Emergency Boot Disk (above) and type "rescue" at the prompt.
    You will be prompted for the Rescue Disk.

Create a Data DVD

  1. gather the files into an ISO9660 image file:
      mkisofs -R -o /path/to/cdimagefile.raw <path to file1> <path to file2>
      You may want to use -r instead of -R, see the man page for details.
  2. copy the image to a DVD:
      cdrecord /data/temp/cdimage.raw